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Take four friends with a common interest, give them a spark of an idea and watch them go! That's what has happened to Brian Reddington, Jon Bamborough, Ian Chadwick & Darren James. They talked about something that has never happened in Blackpool, a Ska Fest, and after asking people's opinion on Facebook , decided to run with it. Now, several months down the line, it is all coming together. They have organised the biggest Ska event that the Fylde has ever seen. The Ska Fest will be held at Uncle Toms Cabin on the 17th of March and will be headlined by Roddy Radiation (The Specials) and Rico Rodriguez (The Specials & Jools Holland's Rhythm and Blues Orchestra ), backing for these two legends will be provided by the amazing Ska Face. The other nine bands (yes, nine) featured on the day will consist of the very best of Ska gathered from every corner of the country, including Stone Foundation who recently toured with the specials.
When all the bands were booked the organisers were still being inundated with requests to take part in the event. “It was a nightmare turning such talent away, but if this is as successful as we think it is going to be, there will be more to come”, said Brian Reddington.